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The cost of a bathroom renovation depends on many factors. For example, will the renovation involve structural changes, the type and quality of accessories and finishes selected, will plumbing need to be installed or plumbing fixtures moved, will you be supplying your own tiles and finishes or do you require a fully inclusive package?

These are just some of the many issues to be considered. On average, though, a complete bathroom makeover usually costs between $15,999 and $25,000. The best way to determine cost is to have an Allnew representative provide a free no obligation site visit and quote.

No! There are no hidden costs or surprises, the amount you pay is the agreed amount in the contract, unless variations or additional work is requested. In which case, you’ll receive a clear quote before any amendments commence.

Absolutely! Not only will it save you money, but also significant time and hassle if your additional bathroom is renovated simultaneously.

Yes. Our speciality is bathrooms, but the Allnew team is made up of licensed tradesmen, including builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters and more, which means our expertise can be leveraged renovate other rooms if required.

Every job differs based on the scope of the job, that is, the requirements, the size and the complexity. However, most bathroom renovations take 2 to 3 weeks. Once we’ve provide you with a project schedule we’ll ensure we meet our committed start and finish dates.

Yes! We understand the rules and regulations involved in working in various building complexes, strata and different councils and we adhere to their guidelines.

No. Once the renovations begin, most of the area will be stripped and demolished rending it unusable. At various times during the process however, you may be able to access the facilities.

Yes, the water and electricity will only be switched off for a short amount of time during the renovation process, usually a half hour or a maximum of a two hours at most. You will be given plenty of notice when this will occur and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule to ensure you are not inconvenienced.

First we’ll come out and inspect the site and consult with you to find out your requirements, and provide you with a quote and project schedule. Once agreed, we then work together to select the accessories and fixtures. Then the magic begins. It’s a complex process that happens in consecutive stages.

The initial stage is the demolition and strip out, followed by electrical and plumbing, waterproofing and then tiling. Next the final touches begin as the fixtures and bathroom accessories are installed and fitted. Finally, the job ends with a quality assurance check and of course a delighted and satisfied customer.

Yes, we can supply all your bathroom needs. We work closely with various industry suppliers who provide a wide range of choices, at a reasonable rate.

Of course. It’s your vision so your input is key. Whether you choose and purchase the items from our trusted suppliers or suppliers of your choice, we’ll be there to make recommendations and guide you along the way.

All of our bathroom renovations are performed by licensed tradesmen and our workmanship complies with Australian building codes. Allnew Bathroom Renovation provides a 7 year guarantee on bathroom renovations.

Yes, we are fully licensed to carry out the work we quote for, our license number is 236644C.

Yes. We will arrange for a skip bin for the disposal of all rubbish, old fixtures and fittings etc. The skip bin is removed once all work is completed.

Not necessarily. It’s entirely up to you if you wish to be there or not, but the Allnew can carry out the renovations without your availability. In fact, you may prefer to be away while the renovation takes place. The team will be fully supervised during the renovation and your home and privacy respected.

We’ll lay down drop sheets and floor covers to protect your home and environment. We will take every care to contain the renovation area and the resulting debris.

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